Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yanko Skin Care Benefit of using Yanko Skin Care - Effectiveness of Yanko Skin Care

Yanko Skin Care  Benefit of Using Yanko Skin Care - Effectiveness of Yanko Skin Care

Yanko Skin Care in Malaysia has been selling very well, I have marketed this brand from my beauty salon in early 2000 until now. We are the only Importer that imports Authentic Yanko Skin Care products from Taiwan which is formulated in Germany. Yanko Skin Care was founded in year 1995 until now, Yanko Skin Care was created to suits  Asian  women skin type to helps in Skin Lightening  and whitening as home care products.

Original Yanko Skin Care has "Breakable" silver seal on every products box, if you don't see that please ask before you purchase it to avoid Imitation Yanko Skin Care which it will cause skin cancer after long terms using it.
The Benefit of using Yanko Skin Care Products is to make your skin become baby skin soft and fairer.

Yanko Skin Care is very effective for removal of freckles and stubborn pigmentation. If you have combination skin, oily skin and pimples problem it is advisable to use complete set for at least a year to stable your skin problems. It is suitable for all skin type EXCEPT Sensitive skin with redness.

Yanko Skin Care complete set come with the following :
1) Yanko Cleanser Cream 100ml
2) Yanko Fade Out Day Cream 15ml
3) Yanko Whitening Night Cream 15ml

If you have are not sure about your skin type or you have used Yanko products before but seem not effective, please feel free to contact me at 012-2813721 for Skin Lightening Expert advise.
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  1. If you have skin problems like pimples, dark tone, freckles or pigmentation..Yanko Skin Care can helps you to solve all your problems. please call for Skin Lightening Expert - Jenn 012-2813721 for your individual skin problems..She can guaranteed your skin will glow and shine like baby skin with the proper way of using Yanko Skin Care Products from guarantee 100% Original ..Authentic Products From Taiwan... Cheaper Price will NOT guaranteed after use side effect after 1 -2 years...Imitation Yanko uses Chemical..will cause skin cancer ...


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