Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Yanko Promotion For 2013

How Effective and How Safe Is  Yanko Skin Care ? 

First of all Thank you to all my regular and supportive Yanko skin care customers who always call me / text me for repeat order and some became Yanko Promoter to promote and share about How Effective and How Safe is Yanko Skin Care Products Origin from Taiwan treated pimples skin, freckles, removed stubborn pigmentation and pimples scars.
It helps to regain your skin fair, soft like baby skin. Forever beauty !

Yanko Platinum Whitening Treatment Set 
1 x Cleanser, 1 x Fade Out Day Cream and 1 x Whitenining Night Cream
(For normal to dry skin)

Yanko Hydra Whitening Treatment Set
1 x Cleanser, 1 x Fade Out Day Cream and 1 x Whitenining Night Cream
(For oily to combination skin)

Yanko Basic Whitening Treatment Set
1 x Cleanser, 1 x Fade Out Day Cream and  1 x Whitenining Night Cream 
(For Combination to Oily, Pimples Skin)


Why need to buy from Trusted Seller ?

 I am importing the Yanko skin care directly from Taiwan. You can have 101%  assurance in my products quality and my beauty experience.

Thank you to support www.yankoskincare.com 
 we have reached over 88,000 visitors 
within 3 years.

Many people ask  me WHY are my Yanko Skin Care products are so effective after using it for 1  to 2 weeks ? Where  they bought from other online Yanko skin care seller are NOT so effective and caused skin allergic and burned?

Answer : Please buy from Trusted Seller !

I am in this Beauty and Anti Ageing industries for more than 15 years, I will only offer the best quality and suitable skin care to all my clients. They are many online sellers who offer very attractive price for Yanko Skin Care BUT I am not sure what type and where do they source  the products to offer online. 

Due to impact of imitation products offering at very low price, just to get rid off the imitation seller we have no choice to offer at lower profit margin as recomended price. 

You never want your skin to become allergic and sensitive forever due to the usage of Imitation Yanko Skin Care ? The Imitation Yanko Skin Care is MUCH cheaper than the original but all ingredients are made from chemical. I was told by my clients, they are many Yanko skin care selling at RM60 - RM130/ per set especially offer from Sarawak and Sabah. 

Only Original Yanko Skin Care products from Taiwan is allow for long terms usage until you see whitening result  because of the ingredient are natural and safe to used, mostly ingredients are extracted from plants and fruits. The Yanko skin care is formulated with high technology from Germany. 

My advise to all  of you who are interested in Yanko skin care, please think twice and call up the seller for further details before you make any order.

I assure and Guaranteed my client have full satisfaction on all Yanko Skin Care products ordered from www.Yankoskincare.com

***Announcement ***
 Price Increased after 15/2/2013
stock up now !

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