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Latest Offer : Yanko Skincare - Hydra Combo Set Rm160

Latest Arrval ! Yanko Skincare - 

Every Purchase of Hydra Combo Set Rm160 


Taiwan Beauty Diary Mask 
10pcs Give Away !
(worth Rm45)

Yanko Hydra Combo Set consist of 1 x Cleanser, 1 Hydra Fade Out Day Cream, 1 x Hydra Whitening Night Cream and 10pcs x Taiwan Beauty Dairy Q10 Mask (worth RM45) For Free

Yanko Hydra Combo Set consist of 1 x Cleanser, 1 Hydra Fade Out Day Cream, 1 x Hydra Whitening Night Cream and 10pcs x Taiwan Beauty Dairy Hyaluronic Mask (worth RM45) For Free

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Testimonial : Yanko Skin Care Malaysia - Where To Buy Original Yanko Skin Care Hp: 012-2813721 New Arrival on Promotion Now

Yanko Skin Care Malaysia! New Arrival On Promotion Now Hp: 012-2813721 

Almost everyday I was ask about the different between Yanko Basic set, Yanko Hydra set and Yanko Platinum set ? Can my skin use Yanko Skin Care ? How long can I see the effect on my skin after using Yanko Skin Care product ? Where can I buy the Original Taiwan Yanko Skin Care products?  I would like to answer all questions as follow .....

I am in Professional Beauty and Spa Industry over 16 years, in the pass I always conducts Beauty and Anti Aging Seminars, Beauty Training Programon How to combat Acne and Pigmentation.  Besides that I also helped and treated many peoples with skin problems regain their beautiful skin and healthy skin ever since then.

Yanko Skin Care has been in the Taiwan since 1995, it is one of the best quality, effective, popular and cheapest whitening skin care in Taiwan. The products are made from Plants and Fruits acid, due to that not all skin condition are suitable to use Yanko Skin Care products without proper skin analysis  from  professional beautician. Some users may complaint skin iritation, redness, itchness after using the skin care, it could be due to IMITATION YANKO FROM CHINA ESPECIALLY THE GOLD YANKO SET!! No Gold Yanko Set is available in Taiwan ! Never buy the Gold Yanko set, It consists of chemical and heavy metal which can harms the liver and kidney after long using it.

Its the BEST to get a Trusted Seller with beauty knowledge or Professional Beautician to analyse your skin BEFORE you buy the products. Selling the products just to feed the demand are common but it should not happened to skin care or medicine. Many Yanko Skin Care products are available online at very attractive low price. Just to sell the products regardless the Authenticity of the Skin Care.

How to check the Authenticity of Yanko Skin Care? 

1) From The Packaging :
    100% authentic Yanko Skin Care From Taiwan will have  a "Small Round Silver Color  
    Hologram Stickers" on every box Includes Basic Set, Hydra Set and Platinum set

2) From Skin Reaction :
    - No effect after used
    - Get skin irritation after used
    - Skin turns darker after stop using the skin care
    - Pigmentation comes back  

I would like to Thanks all my DEAREST CUSTOMERs who has supported me, trusted me on my experience and  guideline for many years. 

Please FEEL FREE to send me your picture if you are NOT SURE which Yanko Skin Care set is suitable to you and how to use it correctly.
Whatapps / Line / Wechat / Email / Sms - 012-2813721

Sample of Picture to send for FREE consultation

Click here to check WHAT IS YANKO SKIN CARE FOR ?
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