Friday, January 2, 2015


 2015 Yanko Platinum Perfect Whitening Set In Promotion Now..

Dear value Yanko user, we are giving away "Korea Whitening Mask 30pcs" as free gift for every order of Yanko Platinum Perfect Whitening Set.. If you are still looking for whitening skin care for your pigmentation problems or dull complection here is the best from Yanko Taiwan.

Everyday,  I tends to received many calls asking solution for their skin problems, they usually are the same group of peoples who bought products online simply because their friends said it is good! After they have used for sometimes..they encountered skin problems like skin redness, skin peeling and sensitive skin.

Don't worry, I am a qualified beautician and I have more than 18 years of skin correction experience to look at your problems to provide solution and cure.

"Hoonz White Secret" is a special blend of products for you whitening solution.

Special Gifts "Korea Mask - 30pcs worth RM150" for you to hydrate your skin and give your skin more elasticity, glow, smooth, fairer and soft like baby skin. This offer only valid for Yanko Platinum Perfect Whitening Set.

Please feel free to contact me if you having skin problems.

Thank you for visiting our website

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