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 How to Hydrate Skin ?

A very common skin problem is over-drying (Oily) and dehydrated (dry) skin. This can be extremely irritating and hard to get rid of, as it is uncomfortable cause skin redness, skin burn, skin peels and makes make-up very hard to apply evenly. The most effective ways helps to combat your over-dried skin is to hydrate your skin with masks that are non oil-base, as oil-base may clog your pores and give your skin spots or blemishes.

Mask with "non-comedogenic" (will not clog your pores) is ideal to use daily. 

Choose a hydrating with ingredient like Aloe Vera, Ocean Ice Spring Water or Deep Sea Collagen Mask. All these mask can be use daily, it will give your skin a boost of deep-down hydration and get back your baby skin softness you want forever.

Korea MG Mask !  Regain Your Beauty At Home !
Deep Sea Collagen Hydrating Mask
Ocean Ice Spring Purifying and Hydration Mask
Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask

Recommendation : 
Best to use before Yanko Whitening Night Cream !
Unbelievable result if you continously use for 3nights
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