Yanko Testimonial

Yanko Skin Care Real Testimonial - 

Result after 10days of  Hydra Yanko Skincare Products 

Testimonial : Before  (Left Picture)
Testimonial : After (Right Picture) 

Frequent Ask Questions :

Q: How soon can I see result for my pigmentation or freckles to be lighten ?
A:  It various from individual but with proper skin care and using it correctly will definately 
     see whitening result within 1 week.

Q: Any side effect of the product after using ?
A: The only side effect is your are having beautiful complexion.

Q: After stop using Yanko Skincare product, will my skin become dark ?
A: No, with proper sun protection and healthy life style your skin will grow healthy and 
     glow but we advise you to continue this products for at least 12months in order to 
     inhabbit melanin production. 

Q: Any peeling of my skin when using this product ?
A: No peeling will happen to your skinfor all origina Yanko from Taiwan UNLESS you are
    using Imitation Yanko Skincare products which cause skin thining...skin peeling.

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