Yanko Skin Care

What Is Yanko Skin Care For ?

Yanko Skin Care product  is well know in Taiwan, it is called Yanko Whitening Skin Care. The Yanko Skin Care products founded in Taiwan since year 1995.  Yanko Skin Care products is formulated using Germany CTR Sophisticated  Scientific  Research. Yanko Skin Care's formulation is an advanced skin care  products  specially developed for  oriental women  and men in Asia country. It adopts the most advanced high technology method to hydrolyze natural pearls into substances make easy to be absorbed by the skin. 

Yanko Skin Care Ingredients 
Yanko Skin Care products uses all natural ingredients combined with Vitamin A,C, E, plants extract and rich moisturizing factors, it can completely nourish the skin, easily and quickly remove black heads, blemishes spots, freckles, melasma, pimples, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, it lighten dark skin complexion and restore skin shine and glow, make skin fairer, radiance, elastic and  supple like baby skin.

WARNING on Imitation Yanko Skin Care Products

ONLY Original Yanko Skincare from Taiwan has a Hologram - "Breakable" silver color lable on every product box, beside the breakable seal, it is also in plastic wrapped for all individual products. If you don't see the breakable seal label or the product box and is not in plastic wrapping,...becaful ! Immitation products cause skin cancer.  Warning !! Imitation Yanko skin care are made from chemical which will cause skin cancer after long terms using it. Please ask the seller before your purchase to avoid  being cheated for cheaper price for an Imitation Yanko skin care product.

Yanko Skin Care is very effective for removal of freckles and stubborn pigmentation. If you have combination skin, oily skin and pimples problem it is advisable to use complete set for at least a year to stable your skin problems. It is suitable for all skin type EXCEPT Sensitive skin with redness.

Yanko Skin Care complete set come with the following :
1) Yanko Cleanser Cream 100ml
2) Yanko Fade Out Day Cream 15ml
3) Yanko Whitening Night Cream 15ml

Using Yanko Skin Care Products is to make your skin become baby skin soft and fairer.

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